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August 17, 2010


Here are some of my favorite outfits that the beatuiful KIM has rocked....

Love her khaki dress with those heels, sexy and still doesnt look slutty!
I love this one for the winter, still looking sexy while covered up!
I love how this is so simple yet so stylish
I like the pic on the right, very casual but classy.
I loveee her denim jacket! I love the color of it gives it that vintage look but still so cuteeee!
this outfit looks so comfortable and i think she looks hot! like she didnt try hard to get ready and still looked cute!
I love this too her cropped denim jacket give it an edgy feel.
This is hot! different and stylish and i love it!
I love how she rocked the bell bottom jeans!
this is cute also for a nuce hot day
i love this when u want to look styleish but dont have no where special to go, to run errands perhaps?
love how she paired this dress with the high boots!
i love this dress, when u want to wear a dress but dont want to overdo it. lovee it!

Kim is my fashion Icon inspiration. She has amazing style, I love how she rocks anything and always looks sexy and classy and rarely slutty. she is gorgeous!


  1. I agree with you on her outfit and being a style icon she is mines too..I love how chic she blog

  2. I love Kim Kardashian sh is so HOT lol I agree with you on all the outfits you liked. . . she is definitely a style icon and she is GORGEOUSSSSSSSS. So stylish but yet she is still always so CLASSY.

    Love your blog mamaz.


  3. ♥ the post. Loved all the outfits, and yes she can rock anything!

  4. yes girls, she is amazing =) I love how she inspires so many of us!